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LDM Studios/LDM Markets is an aspiring part-time business, owned and run by Larry Manning for the budget minded.

The purpose of LDM Studios is to provide a cheaper, simpler service of providing web sites, graphics, and digital photography, as opposed to the more fancy (and more expensive) services out there.

Have you ever clicked on a website only to have your senses bedazzled for 5 minutes by flash animations, and other bells and whistles, and find it difficult and confusing to navigate?

LDM studios believes in the K.I.S.S. philosophy-Keep It Simple, Stupid!

LDM Studios will listen to your specific needs and develop a plan to make your website effective, attractive, and most of all, easy for your clients to use.

Or design graphics, logos, or banner ads.

Larry Manning is a digital photographer, and will do all kinds of photography projects and photo editing.

LDM Markets is an e-commerce web-portal, connecting with SHOP.COM with a paid to shop program, with Larry Manning as your shopping consultant.

Please click on a button and check out the websites, graphics, and photography portfolio.

For more information, please email: ldmstudios@comcast.net, or call (617) 935-3988

For on-line shopping, nutrition, travel needs and more go to LDM Markets.

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